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We offer high quality Co Axial Cables that are known for durability and strength. These flame resistant wires are available in different types such as RG-59, RG-6, RG-8, RG-11, RG-218, RG-58, RG-62 etc. Based on advanced Bi-Metallic technology, we Manufacture different kinds of RF coaxial RG/AU cables having PTFE insulation. Available in armoured construction, these cables are high frequency cables with low loss signal quality.

Techno flex Cables have rich experience of manufacturing superior quality Digital VSAT satellite telecom cables and Radio Frequency Co-axial cables, RG Series 6 / 59 / 11 / 58 / 213 / 8AU

Special Features :
  • High Band width
  • Low attenuation Value
  • Minimum structural return loss
  • Low loss in signal quality
  • Ideal for power pass application
  • Clear in reception Reduced cross talk

Coaxial cabling is the primary type of cabling used by the cable television industry and is also widely used for such as Although more expensive than standard telephone wire, it is much less susceptible to interference and can carry much more Coaxial cable is used as a forsignals. Its applications include connecting and with their antennas, computer network connections, and distributing signals. One advantage of coax over other types of radio is that in an ideal coaxial cable the carrying the signal exists only in the space between the inner and outer This allows coaxial cable runs to be installed next to metal objects such as gutters without the power losses that occur in other types of transmission lines. Coaxial cable also provides protection of the signal from external

Coaxial cable differs from other used for carrying lower frequency signals, such as in that the dimensions of the cable are controlled to give a precise, constant conductor spacing, which is needed for it to function efficiently as a radio frequency.

Application :
Specially used in electronic and digital instrument wiring / CCTV & Audio Visual VSAT / DATA cabling and recorder Multilocation network or surfacing etc.

Description Solid copper Diameter Foam Insulation OD in mm Shield braiding Coverage Thickness of Over sheath in mm Nominal Imped ance Ohms Nominal Capacitance pf/mtr Nominal Velocity of Propogation
RG 6 1.02 4.6 90-95% 0.80 75 53 83%
RG 11 1.63 7.1 90-95% 1.20 75 53 84%
RG 59 0.81 3.7 90-95% 0.80 75 53 83%
RG 58 0.78 3.0 90-95% 0.80 53.5 95 78%
RG 213 2.0 7.3 90-95% 1.3 50 95 66%
RG 8A/U 2.74 6.4 90-95% 1.2 50 100 66%

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