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Instrumentation Cables

We have specialization in manufacturing various types of instrumentation cables such as pair, Tried, Individual etc. With over all Alluminium polyester tape and ATC drain having Tin-copper bridging, these wires are available in armoured as well as unarmoured cables. These Cables facilitate smooth communication of Low Level Signal from Electronics transmitters.

Techno flex Instrumentation cable offers total interference free data transfer in measuring, process-control & security systems. Instrumentation process in any industry is a very important factor for controlling various parameters during process. Microprocessor based control devices demand very low noise level & attenuation of signals in the cable. This calls for careful designing & manufacturing of cables with stringent quality control. Techno flex never compromise to use the high class of Mylar / Alluminium Tape / Polyester Tape & ATC Drain Wire that ensures smooth communication of very Low level signal from transmitter to control room & also effectively Cut the cross communication & noise.

Product We Offers

Shielded Cables, Flexible Screen Cables, Cable Wires Manufacturers

Instrumentation Cables

We have specialization in Manufacturing Instrumentation Cables such as pair, Tried, Individual etc. are available in armoured snd unarmoured cables.

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Control Cables

There are multitudinous suppliers of the custom and stock CONTROL CABLES The world can supply various types of controlled joins, both stock and custom

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Fire Alarm Cables

These Fire Alarm Cables are utilized to associate security frameworks, for example, smoke alarms, leave billboards, crisis lighting, and fire war rooms in elevated structures

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Fire Survival Cables

It observes a noticeable spot inside the assembling plants, energy or power area, public utilities and structures like shopping centers and medical clinics.

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Flexible Cables

Flexible Cables that have been developed with the most advanced technologies of our times. Alongside simple usage, we have even ensured the safety of our customers.

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LSZH Cables

The utilization of LSZH Cable (ZHFR) insinuates power joins where the connection jacketing and protection are made with materials that produce low / limited smoke.

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Power Cables

Power Cables give an assortment of wellbeing measures and are incredibly tough. These Low Tension Power Cables are worked of top notch copper and aluminum for further developed

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Screen Cables

Techno Flex Cables in assembling premium quality Screen Cables for various requirements of sign transmission. These Cables contain guides of various widths. We utilize premium quality

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Shielded Cables

These cables are additionally named as screened cables. We fabricate these cables utilizing best quality unrefined components accessible with enrolled sellers on the lookout.

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Signal Cables

Techno Flex Cables in assembling premium quality Signal Cable for various requirements of sign transmission. These Cables contain guides of various widths. We utilize premium quality

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Coaxial Cables

We offer high quality Co Axial Cables that are known for durability and strength. These flame resistant wires are available in different types such as RG-59, RG-6, RG-8, RG-11, RG-218 etc.

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PCM Cables

We manufacture various types of Aluminium polyester tape cables such as paired, tried, individual etc.These cables are available in multi core shielded construction and various sizes.

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FRLS Sheathed Cables

We manufacture FRLS cables, which are available in various sizes and specifications. Usually these FRLS cables consist Aluminium and Copper wire having PVC insulation.

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Coppers Braided Cables

We manufacture and export coppers braided cables widely used in various instruments and applications. These cables are available in different sizes and specifications.

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Thermocouple Compensating Cables

Techno Flex make Compensetting thermocouple cables which is a economical alternative as compare to the Thermocouple Extension cable where single.

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About Us


TECHNO FLEX Make Flexible Screen Cables, Our range We Manufacture Flexible Screen Cable of various types. Our range of products are available in specification of 7/36 to 25 sq. m. We have a stock at 2 core to 24 core cable. We also produce Screen Armored Cable as per the clients requirements.

We are an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company engaged in the Manufacture and Supply of all kinds of Cable Wires like Shielded Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Industrial Cables, Signal Cables, Fire Alarm Cables, RTD Cables, Co-axial Cables, FRLS Cables, PCM Cables.

Quality :

Our focus on quality is evident in our product range. We maintain our excellent quality track record by manufacturing to internationally recognized standards such as ISI and achieving ISO 9001:2000 accreditation for our production facilities. We have never compromised on quality and have successfully achieved a high level of customer appreciation resulting in long-lasting relation


For more than one decade TECHNO FLEX CABLES has been in the forefront Manufacturing & Supplying various types of cables across the globe. The consistent quality of our products, competitive pricing & timely deliveries have helped us to build a wide satisfied client base. Our motivated team of dedicated employees develop, Manufacture and Supply technologically advanced cables & offer services that exceeds the expectation of our customers.

Why Us
  • Quality & durability.
  • Innovative and cost-effective products.
  • Products are heat & chemical resistant.
  • Well-versed team.
  • Strong infrastructure.
  • Customize service.
  • Time production and delivery.